Never Give Up on a GHOST (Andy Bustillos, Jeremy Culhane, Monte Montepare, Artoun Nazareth, Curtis Retherford & Ruha Taslimi)

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Recorded 12/17/2020 - The UCB improv team GHOST (Curtis Retherford, Andy Bustillos, Artoun Nazareth, Ruha Taslimi, Monte Montepare & Jeremy Culhane) joins Billy to interpret Martin v State (1944) - translating the doctrine of "actus reus" into a fun, bizarre and wide-ranging improvised journey for the ages.
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Martin v State (Alabama, 1944) - Actus Reus
  • Facts: Defendant was arrested for being “drunk on a public highway” when he was actually drunk in his home, but the officers took him out onto the highway to arrest him. 
  • Reasoning: Because the defendant was drunk in his own home and was forcibly taken to the highway, he had not engaged in the forbidden act of being drunk on a public highway.
  • Holding: Conviction reversed. 
Then GHOST takes us on a wild journey from the DMV, to MTV's Punk'd, to police dance fighting training, to an exploration of self-aware Holes.

Finally, learn a little about our guests and what's coming next from them!

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Billy Declercq
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Curtis Retherford
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Never Give Up on a GHOST (Andy Bustillos, Jeremy Culhane, Monte Montepare, Artoun Nazareth, Curtis Retherford & Ruha Taslimi)
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